Appearance Protection

Appearance Protection

clear coat protection

Paint Protection

• Appearance Protection Plus™  Provides a durable long lasting shine

• Saves time and effort with unique polishing agents that reduce scratches.

• Safe for use on all clear coat and conventional automotive finishes.

• Appearance Protection Plus™ cleans, shines, and seals in one easy application. It leaves no hard to remove residue.

Interior Protection

Appearance Protection Plus™ provides a layer of protection over Fabric, Leather, and Vinyl. It blocks stains from getting embedded into the interior of your vehicle, allowing for easy clean up.

Appearance Protection Plus™
Contains an Anionic Polymer that helps prevent damage to your vehicle’s interior surfaces; and preserves the beauty of your vehicle.

interior protection
paint protection

Corrosion Protection

• Appearance Protection Plus uses a rust proofing compound that is a thixotropic blend of wax, rust preventative, and a sulphonate resin. This mixture is modified for maximum protection against rust.

• It’s unique physical structure allows for the penetration of the tiniest of cracks, allowing for protection in even the most hard to reach areas.

• Appearance Protection Plus” will not peel or crack. It is designed to withstand the coldest of winters and the hottest of summers.

• By choosing Corrosion Protection, you are extending the life of the body of your vehicle. This will enable you to sell or trade in your vehicle at a higher value. One of the biggest determinations for resale is the condition of the body.

• Appearance Protection Plus can also save you money from “excess wear and tear” when you turn in your leased vehicle.

Sound Shield

Appearance Protection Plus™ is applied to the under-body of your vehicle to provide a Sound Shield. This provides excellent protection to the under-body of your vehicle. We use a water based asphalt emulsion system designed for superior adhesion to metal.

Appearance Protection Plus™ is reinforced with mineral fillers and corrosion inhibitors which are modified to resist mud and cracking.

rust protection



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