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West Michigan Custom Bintelli Golf Carts

In West Michigan, design a Bintelli golf cart that’s uniquely yours, showcasing both eco-conscious designs and unrivaled practicality for daily commutes or leisure rides. Every Bintelli electric vehicle springs to life in our Charleston, South Carolina assembly plant, where our adept American professionals meticulously oversee each stage of creation. Rigorous inspection protocols ensure that every golf cart meets our sky-high standards of excellence. What sets Bintelli apart is not just our craftsmanship, but also our dedication to sourcing. All major electrical components driving our carts come from the best in the business – top-tier U.S. brands known for their unmatched quality and longevity. When you opt for a Bintelli, you’re choosing an embodiment of American expertise, innovation, and commitment to the environment.

bintelli beyond golf cart

Street Legal Golf Carts

Beyond the traditional “golf cart”, our low-speed vehicles come with DOT-certified windshields, wipers, rearview mirrors, LED headlights, taillights, and turn signals. With DOT-compliant tires, seat belts, a horn, and more, these vehicles are fully equipped and ready for road registration!

bintelli beyond diagram
bintelli beyond 4
Bintelli Beyond 6PR
bintelli beyond 4 lifted
Bintelli Beyond 6PR Lifted
bintelli beyond 6
Bintelli Beyond 6PR
bintelli beyond 6 lifted
Bintelli Beyond 6PR Lifted

Different Colors to Choose From:

bintelli beyond colors

Looking for street-legal golf carts in West Michigan? Discover an expansive range of electric, street-legal golf carts and low-speed vehicles perfect for city commuting, quick errands to the supermarket, gym, or office. Available in configurations from two to six seats, these LSVs are fantastic for personal use and excel in rental or business fleets. Navigate your community with ease using our vehicles!

Visit our Nunica showroom anytime to view our street legal golf carts in person or Click Here to View our Street Legal Golf Cart Inventory

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