Why Buy Bintelli

Why Buy Bintelli Electric Golf Carts?

When it comes to top-tier electric golf carts, Bintelli stands in a league of its own. Here are four compelling reasons why you should make a Bintelli your next electric golf cart purchase:

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Easy to Charge

With the cutting-edge on-board smart charger, keeping your Bintelli electric golf cart powered up and ready for the road has never been simpler. The user-friendly charging system ensures you’re always geared up for your next adventure. Just plug in and let the advanced technology do the rest.


Embark on longer rides without the worry of running out of juice. With a running distance of up to 30-35 miles on a single charge, Bintelli’s golf carts are built to take you further. Whether you’re headed to the beach, the golf course, or just around the neighborhood, you can trust Bintelli to get you there.

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Speed & Safety

Packing a 5kW (6.7 HP) motor, Bintelli carts can achieve a forward speed of 20-25 mph. Not just fast, they’re also built with safety in mind. Equipped with DOT windshields, three-point seat belts, reverse cameras, and hydraulic disc brakes, these carts ensure a safe journey. The inclusion of headlights, taillights, and turn signals make them perfect for any road with a speed limit of 35 mph or less.


Comfort and style come together seamlessly in Bintelli golf carts. The two-tone premium seats provide a luxurious ride while the extended roof ensures you stay shielded from the elements. The advanced suspension system guarantees a smooth ride, regardless of the terrain. Add in the convenience of USB ports, a Bluetooth system, and additional rear flip seating, and you’ve got a ride that’s both functional and enjoyable.


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Bintelli's Legacy in Electric Vehicles

Driven by eco-friendly initiatives and the pursuit of impeccable quality, Bintelli has secured its spot as a premium brand in the EV industry. With the largest LSV manufacturing facility in the US, Bintelli is dedicated to delivering top-notch electric vehicles equipped with industry-leading craftsmanship, service, and support. When you choose Bintelli, you’re not just buying an electric golf cart – you’re investing in a legacy of excellence, backed by a team that takes immense pride in their craft.

Furthermore, peace of mind is guaranteed with a four-year limited warranty. It’s no wonder that Bintelli holds the title of the nation’s highest-rated street-legal golf cart.

Choose Bintelli – for a ride that combines luxury, efficiency, safety, and unmatched quality. Discover the best with Midwest Truck & Tire.

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