Golf Cart Accessories

Golf Cart Accessories & Customization

Midwest Truck & Tire, located in the heart of Michigan, is your one-stop shop for all golf cart accessories to enhance both your ride’s performance and aesthetic. Our selection includes everything from robust lift kits that provide additional ground clearance for those off-road Michigan adventures, to the sleek and stylish wheel and tire upgrades that not only improve performance but also make a statement on the golf course.

LED lighting ensures that your cart is not only functional during the day but also during those serene Michigan nights. For those who love to ride in groups or simply enjoy music on the go, our rear seat and sound system installations are game-changers. Dive into our array of golf cart accessories and let Midwest Truck & Tire transform your golfing experience.

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Lift Kits

Golf cart lift kits are gaining popularity among golfers and outdoor enthusiasts. These kits provide added ground clearance, allowing carts to navigate rough terrain and uneven surfaces with ease. With enhanced suspension and larger tires, golf carts become more versatile, enhancing the off-road experience. Lift kits offer a fun and practical upgrade for golf cart enthusiasts.

Wheels & Tires

Ready to take your golf cart to the next level? Upgrade to larger rims and tires for a thrilling ride! Discover how these modifications can enhance both performance and style. From improved traction to a sleek appearance, find out why bigger wheels are the perfect addition to your golf cart.

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golf cart seat installation

Rear Seat Installation

Adding a rear seat to your golf cart offers numerous benefits. It enhances the cart’s functionality by accommodating additional passengers or cargo. It allows you to enjoy rides with friends or family, fostering social interactions. Moreover, it expands the cart’s utility for recreational activities or transporting equipment. Upgrade your golf cart experience today!


LED Lights

Upgrade your golf cart with LED lighting for an enhanced experience. LED lights offer numerous benefits, including improved visibility, longer lifespan, and energy efficiency. Illuminate your path with brighter lights, making it safer and more enjoyable. With LED technology, you’ll save money on replacements and reduce your carbon footprint.


golf cart lighting installation
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Sound Systems

Upgrading your golf cart’s stereo system can transform your riding experience. With an upgraded stereo, you can groove to your favorite tunes while navigating the greens. Enjoy crisp and clear sound quality, boosting your enjoyment and relaxation on the ride. Enhance the ambiance and make every round a memorable one.




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